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Local governments in most countries are actively working to reduce CO2 emissions, leading to a substantial 50% increase in the market share of new plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). This shift towards electric mobility is significant, but with billions of vehicles globally, converting existing fleets to electric is crucial for faster EV adoption.

In France, for example, where there are about 40 million vehicles, the government is encouraging this change. In April 2020, a subsidy was introduced, offering €5000 per vehicle for converting fuel-powered cars to electric. Additionally, a new law allows the retrofit of internal combustion engine vehicles over 5 years old, creating opportunities for firms to undertake these conversions.

Our approach focuses on making these conversions cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We are concentrating on converting light vehicles like the Renault Twingo and Volkswagen Golf to electric, as this significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to manufacturing new vehicles. We also prioritize local sourcing for components to lessen environmental impact.

Our strategy of developing conversion kits and partnering with outlets is establishing a global network for vehicle conversions.

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Average - 88kW, 220Nm (motor selection based on performance/range requirements)


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