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1974 Citroen DS Pallas EV

4 years ago we converted our first EV, the much awarded Citroen DS Pallas as seen in the adjacent picture.

"The most radical of Citroen's idiosyncratic offerings, the DS was sensational when it was introduced in 1955. Twenty years and 1.45 million cars later it was still technically advanced to most other cars. Revolutionary in driving characteristics and comfort, it remains one of the most innovative cars of all time." Infobeam

Our conversions are totally reversible. We utilise existing mountings and do not modify any part of the vehicle. Your classic remains a classic.

In the case of the Citroen DS Pallas, we maintained the fully functional and sensational hydropneumatic suspension, power steering and formidable inboard braking system.

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Introducting EleCa - The great little EV

Our crowd-funding campaign got us started. Equipped with designs, feedback, a following and parts suppliers, we are now building the first prototype that shall feature at an upcoming Motor Show...........

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Classic EV Conversion

With the mounting pressures of restrictions within cities and major corridors in Europe, it is becoming very difficult taking our Classic vehicles on a Sunday stroll. This does not have to be so.

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