Welcome to our visionary journey! Our story began over a decade ago, fueled by our founder's childhood curiosity. Fascinated by the complex mechanisms under his dad's car bonnet and contrasting it with the straightforward yet powerful electric motor of his slot cars, he embarked on a bold adventure; even before electric vehicles (EVs) became a global buzzword, our founder was already crafting his first EV.

Today, we're driven by a crucial mission; accelerating the transition to EVs on a global scale. We recognize that simply manufacturing new EVs isn't enough. Our planet calls for a more sustainable approach. That's where our innovative solution comes in, focusing on transforming existing vehicles into electric ones. This method isn't just about eliminating tailpipe emissions; it's about doing so with minimal environmental impact. We believe in recycling and repurposing, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional automotive practices.

Our vision extends beyond conventional EVs. With our EleCA, we're champions of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), also known as quadricycles.

These aren't just eco-friendly solutions, they are also kinder on your wallet. Join us in embracing a future where driving is greener, smarter, and more accessible for everyone. Welcome to our eco-driven revolution!

Citroen DS EV Pallas

In 2013, we proudly pioneered our EV conversion journey with the Citroen DS Pallas (above), a vehicle celebrated for its groundbreaking design and enduring appeal. Described by Infobeam as "one of the most innovative cars of all time," the DS Pallas, originally launched in 1955, was ahead of its time in both style and functionality. Our project transformed this classic masterpiece into an electric vehicle, combining its historical charm with cutting-edge electric technology. This conversion not only showcased our technical prowess but also symbolized our dedication to sustainable automotive innovation, blending the past's legacy with the future's possibilities.

Citroen DS EV Decapotable

In 2020, we elevated our EV engineering  by enhancing the iconic convertible Citroen DS decapotable (below), with superior performance, thanks to our further advanced electric drivetrain. Launched at Goodwood, this project, commissioned by a prestigious coachbuilder, was executed with our commitment to reversible conversions, utilizing existing mounting points without modifying the vehicle’s original structure. We meticulously preserved the Citroen DS's hallmark features, including its renowned hydropneumatic suspension, power steering, and inboard braking system, thus blending its classic allure with modern electric efficiency while ensuring the car's timeless essence remained intact.

Your EV

While mainstream automakers ramp up their production of electric vehicles, we understand that simply increasing the number of new EVs isn't the ultimate solution. Our planet demands a more immediate and environmentally conscious approach. We specialize in transforming existing vehicles into electric ones, providing an innovative and sustainable alternative to the conventional automotive manufacturing process. This approach goes beyond just eliminating tailpipe emissions; it significantly reduces the overall environmental impact. Our focus on recycling and repurposing existing vehicles offers a practical, cost-effective solution that challenges the traditional norms of the automotive industry. Join us in our mission to create a greener future by reimagining and revitalizing the vehicles already among us.


At the heart of our mission lies a deep-rooted passion for sustainable transportation, reaching beyond the realm of traditional electric vehicles. We are fervent supporters of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), also known as quadricycles. These innovative vehicles stand as more than just eco-friendly transportation options; they embody a cost-effective, enjoyable solution to contemporary mobility issues. Choosing NEVs isn't just an environmentally conscious decision; it's also a smart economic choice. They offer an affordable, efficient, and fun way to navigate the challenges of modern transportation. By embracing NEVs, you contribute to a healthier planet while enjoying the practical and financial benefits they bring. Join us in this journey towards a more sustainable, accessible, and enjoyable future in mobility.