Electric Classics

Magic carpet meets perfect silence

Citroen DS EV Pallas the conversion that keeps giving!

Enjoy your Classic without CO2 restictions

As cities and major traffic corridors increasingly implement restrictions, enjoying a leisurely drive in classic vehicles is becoming challenging. However, we offer a solution that keeps your beloved classics on the road without compromising their integrity.

Since our first Citroen conversion, we've gained extensive knowledge in battery packaging, maintaining original mounting points, weight distribution, and selecting suitable powertrains. Our expertise allows us to offer unique features in our conversions, distinguishing us from other specialists.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a pre-existing conversion kit, we're eager to collaborate with you to create one. In this process, we handle all the development work at no cost, with your only expense being the parts. This collaboration not only benefits you but also enriches our range of available kits. Contact us to give your classic car a new lease on life in the modern world.

Our Typical Classic EV Specifications

Totally customisable to meet your needs




Water cooled, 420v, 180kW, 360Nm (360kW/720Nm available upon consultation)


0-100kph less than 6sec. Max speed, 200kph (better performance possible)

Please note

All components, brand new
Specifications above are typical. Better specifications available.