Introducing EleCa

Because the future of EVs is FUN!


Cost-effective EV fun

Unlimited Range

Swappable Batteries



A group of UTS students got together, assisted us with design and execution and had some fun making this video.


"Unlimited" range

With EleCa, range-anxiety is a thing of the past. EleCa's batteries are easily removable so that they are able to be charged at home, the office or a frequently visited place.

Furthermore, EleCa batteries, which double-up as ESS (Energy Storage Systems), are readily available around town, the country or internationally making "recharging" by replacement a matter of a few minutes.

Of course you are also able to plug-in into a charging post or plug-in at home.

EleCa 45

EleCa 45 is specifically designed for compliance with the European quadricycle standard. Meaning that it is able to be driven without license by anyone over the age of 14.

Effectively this is a de-tuned version of the EleCa 80 and is speed limited to 45kph to qualify as a quadricycle. It lacks none of the key features such as replaceable batteries.

EleCa 80

EleCa 80 is what is known as a heavy quadricycle, still benefiting from lower registration and insurance costs in Europe. It is limited to a top speed of 80kph.

What our qualitative research has uncovered

Comments by the target audience:

"Outstandingly futuristic design, shape is energy saving, less loss of energy, three wheel so less friction. Will buy if less than $10,000".

"Nice design, nice shape, nice to see. Opening hatch cool. Very modern. Maybe needs a bit more speed than 50km/h. Good price if less than $10 000. SDC. Probably would buy".

"Needs some sort of a window to see out when sitting in the back. So window design important. Needs a storage room. Would buy." Comment from EleCa Team - All glass roof "dome" means there are no visibility issues!  The back-seat folds-down to provide a surprisingly large storage space.

"Design is futuristic, bit too much. Clashes a bit with the current trends in vehicles because its too futuristic design. Very different from todayʼs cars. If itʼs autonomous then fits its futuristic design better and people would perhaps want it more."

"Good aerodynamics. Probably would buy it."

EleCa from USD9,500

No more Range Anxiety!

Electric Transport Reinvented!

The cheekiest way to get to work, the beach or just a scoot around with friends, in a low-cost EV. 3-wheel fun for 2. "Unlimited" range!

black Mercedes-Benz car steering wheel

Acquire Production Vehicle No1 and become a "cofounder"!

There will only ever be 1 first production vehicle and it could be yours. Your funds will go towards our prototype, currently being constructed.

You will also be invited as a VIP to our global launch at a leading European Auto Show.

Acquire Production Vehicle No1

It is well known that the most efficient shape is that of a teardrop

Sculpted by the wind

Our challenge was to build a non-compromise, fun, attractive and most efficient 2 seat vehicle. The result is EleCa. Eleca includes many firsts, not the least:
 - All glass "Dome", tinted within legal limits to eliminate excessive heat build-up in the cabin.
-  The dome incorporates the side "Wings" that open-up providing convenient access to the tandem seating arrangement.
 - The wings incorporate proprietary methodologies to maintain comfortable cabin temperature even when parked, utilising the sun; you do not return to a freezing or a boiling vehicle after your shopping.
 - Special hidden vents, ventilate the passenger compartment for convenient and comfortable travels.
 - Unlimited range; EleCa is an urban vehicle with removable batteries that can be charged at home/office.

Sharing our Journey

Some of our early design sketches and renders