Citroen DS Pallas EV

The magic carpet ride is now silent!

Our design has now evolved to a kit. We have specific kits for specific classics. The magic ingredient in our kits is that they are totally reversable so that at any point you are able to implement the original equipment back in the vehicle; not that you'd ever want to!

Classic car conversions

We are equally as passionate about EVs as we are about classic vehicle and so we have combined our passions.

Convert your classic to EV

With the mounting pressures of restrictions within cities and major corridors in Europe, it is becoming very difficult taking our Classic vehicles on a Sunday stroll. This does not have to be so.

We have been involved in a number of conversions since the original and still most loved Citroen. We have learnt a lot about battery packaging, etc and have some unique features that to our experience no other conversion specialists or auto manufacturers do today. Click the button below and tell us about your Classic conversion requirements.

If we do not have a kit specifically for your vehicle we work with you to develop one and your benefit is that we do all the work for free and you only pay for the material parts. We benefit by adding another kit to our range. So write to us NOW.

We convert your vehicle using existing mounting points to ensure your vehicle remains pristine and original. 

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Citroen DS Pallas EV

Some 5 years ago, we took on the magnificent challenge of converting my Citroen DS Pallas EV to electric. I say we as without the help of many within the AEVA (Australia Electric Vehicle Association), this could never have happened. It turned-out to be the first 3 phase induction motor to be used within the club and certainly the first Citroen DS.

Here is the BLOG from those fun days. The kits have evolved dramatically since then, however the original is still being driven today without any critical changes.

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